Satellite multimedia for mobile phones

A new technology is being developed that would help satellite systems to broadcast digital multimedia content such as video, television programmes, radio, and data to mobile telephones and vehicle-borne receivers.
Such a development of mobile video services through satellites will provide content providers and operators, with alternative or complementary solutions, to terrestrial based networks and will bring the benefit of the universal coverage and broadcasting that satellites can provide.
High-power satellites in geostationary orbit have the ability to broadcast to large coverage areas and reach huge numbers of users. The proposed system will employ a mixture of satellites and Earth-based repeaters. Satellites ensure global coverage and repeaters make it possible to receive the signals inside buildings.
The system will be integrated into modern mobile telephone and vehicle-mounted receiver designs, at very low cost, making it ideal for the mass-market.
ESA’s technology support for this application area is being provided under several elements of its Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme.

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