World's first Hybrid Train

Japan as always, is ahead than the rest in the field of technological development.A new hybrid train known as Kiha E200 was recently tested by the officials for its performance. This would be the first time that a diesel electric hybrid train would be put into commercial service. It is a two car train, equipped with a diesel engine, two electric motors under each of its cars and lithium ion batteries on the roof.The use of the diesel engine comes into picture, only when needed to climb a hill or if the batteries run low.
The batteries are recharged when the train slows down. After the power is switched off, the motors continue to turn for a while, and that energy - wasted in a non-hybrid train - is used to recharge the batteries.The Kiha E200, seats 46 and can hold 117 passengers, including the standees.You can see the word "hybrid" splashed in silver across its side, it is powered by its four electric motors. Besides the usual buttons and dials, the conductor also has a touch-panel monitor. Arrows show which way energy is flowing, connecting boxes that represent the engine, generator, motor and battery, busily changing direction every few minutes. Whether cars or trains, hybrids delicately balance the two sources of power, relying on a computer to minimise waste.
Data is being gathered by the EAST JAPAN RAILWAYS, on fuel consumption, which is expected to vary with different passenger loads, maintenance needs and whether the power holds up for heating in winter.
Cost still remains a hurdle. This hybrid train increases the fuel efficiency by 20 per cent and reduces emissions by up to 60 per cent.
This is Japan's latest entrant in the battle against global warming.

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