Battery as thin as paper

This is a new energy storage device, which uses human blood or sweat to power itself. It looks like a, simple sheet of black paper. It is lightweight, very thin and very flexible. It can function in, temperatures upto 300 degrees Fahrenheit and down to 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.
More than 90% of the device, is made of cellulose (The basic structural component of plant cell walls, cellulose comprises about 33 percent of all vegetable matter and is the most abundant of all naturally occurring organic compounds).
The speciality of this battery is that, it can be rolled, twisted, folded or cut into any number of shapes, with no loss of mechanical integrity or efficiency. It can be easily used in, small handheld electronics and is said to be ideal for use in automoblies, aircrafts, boats and many more.
A group of six Indian-American researchers, from "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute" has developed this new device.

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