Be careful with your SMSes

Hackers, have found a new way, to get your personal account details. The technique, that they use is very easy to understand. What they do is, they just change the header(sender's name) of the sms send to you, to your banks name, making it look genuine. The sms send to you, will ask you to confirm, important details on a transaction. On calling back, you are put on an automated dialler, which asks to confirm account details. Unfortunately, you are telling your details to the hacker. Thus you are caught in their trap.
There are some cool hacking softwares, available on the web, that help these hackers, to change the content of the sms and its header.The best way to deal with such problems, is to simply delete the sms.Think twice and thrice, before you give out, your personal details or your account information in reply to such SMSes.

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