Transparent Frog

This is a see-through frog, developed by Japanese researchers, as an alternative for dissections, that have become increasingly controversial in much of the world, particularly in schools.
In these frogs you can clearly observe the organs, blood vessels and eggs under the skin without performing dissections. You can watch organs of the frog over its entire life as you don't have to dissect it.
The researchers produced the creature from rare mutants of the Japanese brown frog or Rena japonica, whose backs are usually ochre or brown.
The research team, crossed two frogs, with recessive genes, through artificial insemination and the offspring looked normal ,due to the presence of more powerful genes. But crossing the offspring, led to a frog whose skin is transparent, from the tadpole stage.
The transparent frogs can also reproduce, with their offspring inheriting their parents traits, but their grandchildren die shortly after birth.

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