Thomas Beatie

The dramatic picture of a bearded, apparently pregnant, Beatie has sparked horror in tabloid and conservative circles and some are claiming it is a hoax. Thomas Beatie, 34, is a transgender man, born in Hawaii as Tracy Lagondino. She underwent a sex change, which involved regular injections of testosterone, and having his breasts surgically removed, but keeping his female reproductive organs and legally became a man. He stopped his twice-weekly hormone injections, allowed his periods to return, and tried for a baby. A first attempt, ended in a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. Doctors have expressed concern, at the possible effect of testosterone, on the unborn child. He halted his bi-weekly testosterone, did not take any extra oestrogen, progesterone or fertility drugs to aid his pregnancy and after four months his menstrual cycle began again. Now, following anonymous sperm donation and home insemination,he is pregnant again and is due to give birth to a baby girl in July.

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