Digital Photo Frame

DPF (Digital photo frame) is a picture frame that displays digital photos. It can display JPEG pictures, multimedia content and text files. It can also play MP3 audio files. Sizes may range from 5 to 10 inches.

A digital photo frame consists of three main parts, the LCD-panel, the PCB and the outside frame. The panels can vary in size. The PCB includes the device's software.

DPF's today come with an internal memory of up to 1GB-2GB, allowing you to store more snaps. They also support USB ports for PC connectivity and for inserting pen drives. They also offer memory card slots, for SD cards, CMF, MS, MMC, XD, CompactFlash and Memory Sticks too.

Many new advanced DPF's support wireless (802.11) connections or Wi-Fi. With this they can transfer data to the onboard memory, they can load pictures over the Internet from RSS feeds or other photo sharing websites like Flickr.

Beware of low cost digital frames as they might contain a computer Trojan Horse, a virus, embedded in their firmware.

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