Google Chrome

Finally Google has launched the beta version of its new free web brower, Google Chrome. It is the first true Web 2.0 brower. Chrome is a very pure browser design because of its completely modular architecture,that gives it an edge over other browsers. It is a browser with sophiscated technology to make web, faster, safer and easier.

Earlier browers were designed to handle only text and graphics, but Chrome can handle video rich and other complex web programs.This browesr uses simplicity and some clever new features to bring web surfing into the 21st century.

Chrome eats more memory because of its each-tab-is-separate design. It opens a separate instance of the browser for each tab, a design that is used used to segregate tabs, and the sites on them, so that if one crashes the browser as a whole does not.

Chrome is only available for PCs, efforts are being made to make versions for Apple Macintosh users and for Linux devices.

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