The Open Organisation Of LockPickers (TOOL), is a club in the Netherlands, dedicated to picking locks for fun. It has several branches in Germany and U.S.

Lock picking is a sport for the members of this club. Annual competitions are organized in varios categories, like padlocks, mechanical, and freestyle, a special category in which the contestants confront any lock with any tools they choose, as long as they do not damage the lock.

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Internet enabled pacemaker

This wireless pacemaker is made by St Jude Medical Inc, Minnesota, USA .
It has a wireless home monitoring system, that transmits critical information to a doctor via the internet, at least once a day, to download all the relevant information and alerts the doctor and the patient, if there is anything unusual.

It helps to evaluate any problems with the patients pacemaker and certain other rhythm disorders, that could be potentially dangerous or life threatening. This new technology helps to treat patients better and is likely to become the new standard in pacemakers.

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e-learning tools

Moodle, its a learning management system. It can accomodate a large number of students right from the school to university level. Institites use this software to augment face to face coursesthrough forums and to assess learning.

Drupal, its a free content management system software. With Drupal there is no need to know programming or HTML to build a website. One can easily piblish manage and organise a content like computer files image media audio files video files electronic documents and web content for students. The software comes with several modules like gradebook,conference, blog,forum,help,books,comment polls.

Audacity is used for audio recording and editing files for more effective language teaching.
Gimp is photo editing softwarewhich is easier to operate than Adobe's Photoshop.

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Strange facts about Antarctica

  • Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, and driest place on earth.
  • Antarctica is 10% of the earth's land area.
  • Only 2% of Antarctica's land is not covered in ice.
  • Antarctic ice which at its thickest reaches 5 km in depth, comprises almost 70% of the earth's fresh water.
  • If all of the ice in Antarctica melted, sea levels would rise between 50 and 60 m.
  • Due to its ice cap, Antarctica is the highest continent average approximately 2,300 m above sea level.
  • Antarctica is the driest place on earth.
  • The weight of the glaciers in Antarctica are compressing the land under them, if the glaciers were removed the land of Antarctica would slowly rise over the period of hundreds of years.
  • There are at least 2 active volcanoes in Antarctica, one of which has a permanent molten lava lake.
  • There are no trees or bushes in Antarctica.
  • Dogs have been banned from Antarctica to protect the seal population .
  • D'Urville was the first man to set foot in Antarctica.
  • The temperature in Antarctica once dropped 65° F in 12 minutes.
  • The center of Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.
  • There are 28 airport landing facilities in Antarctica and all 37 Antarctic stations have helipads.
  • There are more than 40 flying bird species that spend their summers in Antarctica.
  • The world's lowest temperature of -128 degrees F was recorded at the Russia Vostok Station in Antarctica.
  • The ozone hole above Antarctica covers 27 million km2.
  • During the summer, more solar radiation reaches the South Pole than is received in an equivalent period at the equator.

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Wolfram Alpha

This is a computational knowledge engine developed by a British-born physicist Stefan Wolfram. Unlike the Google search engine, it doesn't give you a link to other pages where you will find the results that you are searching for.
It gives direct answers to the queries that you have entered. The results it returns are annotated pages of data, rather that simple list of other sites.
It can handle complicated mathematical queries, plot statistics and produce charts of natural events. This engine can also return results about known facts such as height of mountains or a nation's GDP.
The computational horsepower behind the main site, works out answers to question, as they are put by grabbing data from databases and consulting feeds of information. The data it consults, is chosen and managed by staff at Wolfram Research who ensure that it can be displayed by the system. This engine has about 10,000 CPU's spread across 5 data centres, that it draws on when generating answers.

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Stink-free clothes

These stink-free clothes are called "J-Ware", created by textile experts at Japan women's university in Tokyo.
These new line of odourfree clothes are comfortable and stylish.

They have special features that make them distinct and unique. They are flame resistant and anti-static. They can kill bacteria, absorb water, insulate the body and dry quickly. These clothes can stay fresh for weeks at a time.
J-Ware, specially designed for astronauts, who don't have any laundary facilities in space station.

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It is a worm that infects PCs. It is also known as "Conficker". It exploits a bug in the windows server service, used by Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008.

It does not spread over email or the Web. It mostly spreads through USB sticks and via network shares. It mostly infects machines that have not installed a patch from Microsoft known as MS08-067. This virus has a unique design which can receive further orders to wreak havoc. This worm has affected some of the corporate networks in Europe, Asia And US.

It infects by searching for an executable file called "services.exe" and then becomes a part of that code. Once it becomes a part, it generates a list of possible domains and then uses one of the domain to reach a malicious server, from which it downloads additional malware to install on the hijacked PC.

Experts find it difficult to shut it down as it uses a complicated algorithm to create hundreds of new domains.
Its new version has infected more than 6 million Windows PCs in this week.

You can remain unaffected by downloading Windows latest security patches.

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