It is a worm that infects PCs. It is also known as "Conficker". It exploits a bug in the windows server service, used by Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008.

It does not spread over email or the Web. It mostly spreads through USB sticks and via network shares. It mostly infects machines that have not installed a patch from Microsoft known as MS08-067. This virus has a unique design which can receive further orders to wreak havoc. This worm has affected some of the corporate networks in Europe, Asia And US.

It infects by searching for an executable file called "services.exe" and then becomes a part of that code. Once it becomes a part, it generates a list of possible domains and then uses one of the domain to reach a malicious server, from which it downloads additional malware to install on the hijacked PC.

Experts find it difficult to shut it down as it uses a complicated algorithm to create hundreds of new domains.
Its new version has infected more than 6 million Windows PCs in this week.

You can remain unaffected by downloading Windows latest security patches.

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