Strange facts about Antarctica

  • Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, and driest place on earth.
  • Antarctica is 10% of the earth's land area.
  • Only 2% of Antarctica's land is not covered in ice.
  • Antarctic ice which at its thickest reaches 5 km in depth, comprises almost 70% of the earth's fresh water.
  • If all of the ice in Antarctica melted, sea levels would rise between 50 and 60 m.
  • Due to its ice cap, Antarctica is the highest continent average approximately 2,300 m above sea level.
  • Antarctica is the driest place on earth.
  • The weight of the glaciers in Antarctica are compressing the land under them, if the glaciers were removed the land of Antarctica would slowly rise over the period of hundreds of years.
  • There are at least 2 active volcanoes in Antarctica, one of which has a permanent molten lava lake.
  • There are no trees or bushes in Antarctica.
  • Dogs have been banned from Antarctica to protect the seal population .
  • D'Urville was the first man to set foot in Antarctica.
  • The temperature in Antarctica once dropped 65° F in 12 minutes.
  • The center of Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.
  • There are 28 airport landing facilities in Antarctica and all 37 Antarctic stations have helipads.
  • There are more than 40 flying bird species that spend their summers in Antarctica.
  • The world's lowest temperature of -128 degrees F was recorded at the Russia Vostok Station in Antarctica.
  • The ozone hole above Antarctica covers 27 million km2.
  • During the summer, more solar radiation reaches the South Pole than is received in an equivalent period at the equator.

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