Wolfram Alpha

This is a computational knowledge engine developed by a British-born physicist Stefan Wolfram. Unlike the Google search engine, it doesn't give you a link to other pages where you will find the results that you are searching for.

It gives direct answers to the queries that you have entered. The results it returns are annotated pages of data, rather that simple list of other sites.
It can handle complicated mathematical queries, plot statistics and produce charts of natural events. This engine can also return results about known facts such as height of mountains or a nation's GDP.
The computational horsepower behind the main site, works out answers to question, as they are put by grabbing data from databases and consulting feeds of information. The data it consults, is chosen and managed by staff at Wolfram Research who ensure that it can be displayed by the system. This engine has about 10,000 CPU's spread across 5 data centres, that it draws on when generating answers.

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