e-learning tools

Moodle, its a learning management system. It can accomodate a large number of students right from the school to university level. Institites use this software to augment face to face coursesthrough forums and to assess learning.

Drupal, its a free content management system software. With Drupal there is no need to know programming or HTML to build a website. One can easily piblish manage and organise a content like computer files image media audio files video files electronic documents and web content for students. The software comes with several modules like gradebook,conference, blog,forum,help,books,comment polls.

Audacity is used for audio recording and editing files for more effective language teaching.
Gimp is photo editing softwarewhich is easier to operate than Adobe's Photoshop.

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  1. Technology enhancement enables E-learning more convenient for students to utilize learning materials with the collaboration of a computer and internet. It will surely show more positive outcome in the next coming years as million of students become more competitive with their skills.

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